The general belief about human incarnation is that man is composed of three components- body, soul, and spirit. For anyone to live successfully, all these three components must be in harmony. Knowing fully well that the whole essence of living is to fulfill a purpose and have joy in everything we do, any shortfall necessitates consultation with a healing spiritualist who has the spiritual gifts and the healing touch to unite the erring component with the rest to restore normalcy.
The true meaning to getting fulfilled is to have joy and satisfaction in whatever we choose to do daily. However, some occasions arise when living becomes at best a boredom and at worst a burden. Usually, before things fall out of plans and normal course, there, of course, must have been a disconnection or interruption somewhere from the spiritual pedestal of man. This kind of disconnection becomes evident through various signs that start to manifest after some time or immediately as the case may be.

Spiritual Interruption and Causes

A spiritual interruption occurs when a man is disconnected from the metaphysical forces and spiritual energy that are responsible for his well-being on the terrestrial; the energy or forces are either stopped or misaligned. It takes only those with spiritual gifts to know when and where this interruption occurs.
The bulk of people does not realize that they need to contact a healing spiritualist for help in their misadventure due to lack of information or knowledge. A spiritual interruption does not just happen naturally, in most cases, they are invoked. Below are some of the causes of spiritual interruption:
1. Spells and enchantment
2. Presence of dark forces
3. Emotional trauma
4. Disavowal from positive energy
5. Etc.

Signs of a Spiritual Interruption

The problems and anomalies that manifest in the normal flow of life events are mere evidence of spiritual accidents that a healing touch. These signs could be one of the following:
1. Ill health resulting from persistent sickness and diseases
2. Unfulfilling Relationships and relationship break-up e.g. divorce, hatred, and separation.
3. Bankruptcy and financial crises
4. Loss of job, unemployment, failure in professional life
5. Depression and loss of zeal to live
6. Failure to find favor from people
7. Fears, pessimism
8. Other undesirable occurrences

How a Healing Spiritualist Can Help You

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A healing spiritualist can help you with the above problems and several others. It is believed that every individual has a spirit, and it is through this spirit that a healing spiritualist performs the healing process. The power to heal, although lies within you, there is a need for someone with spiritual gifts and a healing touch to ignite the healing in you. You are to see the purpose of spiritual healing for it to work for you.


The healing spiritualist helps you to understand your physical, emotional, and mental self to get rid of negativity from your state of mind and enshrine positivity to thriving. Through this process, there is a release of negative energy that came about as a result of a spell, dark energy, anger, fear, anxiety, and other dark emotions from your life. Therefore, you start to feel resilient, equanimous, enlivened, and free from all psychological disturbances.

How a Healing Spiritualist Works

There are several methods that a healing spiritualist adopts in healing the sick. The method to adopt depends on the nature of the person to be healed. Two of the methods are:

1.    Absent Healing: The Healing spiritualist sends spiritual energy to the persons to be healed by praying for them. This is done with full understanding of their karmic pattern. Certain mantras may be chanted in the process of visualizing the patient in good health. The healing spiritualist must, however, possess diverse spiritual gifts for this method to be effective.

2.    Contact Healing: This healing process requires the patient and the healing spiritualist to be together. The aura of the patient is, thus, cleansed and spiritual energy is sent into their major chakras and the discomfort areas. The healing spiritualist may perform a healing touch during this session. Physical contact and visualization are prerequisites for this method because the spiritualist has to:

a.    Awaken the patient’s awareness to attune to the healing energy;

b.    Scan the body and mind (by placing his hands on certain areas, e.g., the chest or forehead) to identify areas of low energy or where energy is stuck; and

c.    Identify what are inscribed in the body and mind of the patient.

Why You Need a Healing Spiritualist

You may have heard some people say that you too can heal yourself (self-healing); it is partly true and wholly false. How can the very sick administer a holistic cure for themselves without help from professionals?

The healing process may involve disavowal and dispel the body and spirit from dark energies and powers, which requires experience, spiritual gifts, and a healing touch. Self-healing is nothing but complementary healing when a thorough spiritual healing has been carried out by an experienced healing spiritualist.

Every aspect of life can be healed; that is why you should contact a specialist to help you when things are not going smoothly. You can count on the experience and expertise of healing spiritualists when you need healing. They understand the healing process in whole and their help would go a long way to restoring peace to your life and endeavors.

Helpful Information

For your spiritual healing to be smooth, you need to understand the information in this section.

1.    Healing is administered in line with the patient’s peculiar needs.

2.    You should have good thoughts and be hopeful by visualizing recovery. Your thought and hopefulness will make your healing fast.

3.    Remember to sit properly for easy and positive flow of energy by placing your feet flat on the floor and hands restfully on your lap.

4.    Respond positively to the healing spiritualist during the healing processes.

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