Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Healing you provide?

Depending on the need of the patient, I  provide Spiritual healing, Shamanic healing, Holistic healing, Pranic healing, Chakra balancing, Reiki – Karuna, distance as well as personal, aura cleansing and strengthening and in certain extreme cases where there a paranormal powers at play, I also offer exorcism. It all depends on individual case basis. Some people respond better to healing while some may respond to Pranic healing better. In some cases merely balancing the chakra system is the healing the person requires.

Can your healing guarantee relief and permanent cure?
To heal literally means to ease and provide relief. My healing will definitely provide relief. Whether it can result into permanent cure is something no healer or doctor can guarantee you. Anyone who claims that they can permanently cure the disease or issue is simply lying. A human body is extremely complex and while I have seen patients who have recovered from life threatening diseases and have lived for years, a relapse did happen. With my healing, I have eased the pain of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and that has helped them build their will power to fight with the disease.
How many days does it take for the healing to show effect?
Varying from the 1 st day to the 11 th day, again depending on the seriousness of the issue, the healing begins to show its effect. However faith and will power on the part of the patient too plays an important role here.
Does your healing involve further medication? Does it change my medication?
My healing shall not interfere with your medication. It is an assistance that I offer to compliment your medication and help you get into the pink of your health faster. I only prescribe certain meditation techniques which will also help you to heal yourself.
What kind of psychological disorders do you heal?
Chronic or mild depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, stress, insomnia, suicidal tendencies, schizophrenia, phobias, etc. Identifying psychological problems and their treatments are more complicated as compared to physical ailments however, with constant healing sessions oine may certainly see signs of improvement in the patient.
Can I take healing sessions if I am pregnant?
Yes you can and you must. Pregnancy is a very difficult phase for any woman. The physical and hormonal changes can have adverse on the child as well as the mother. I recommend women to take healing sessions as it provides peace to the mother and the happier the mother, the happier the child. Also healing sessions during the pregnancy helps build the bond between mother and child and this makes pregnancy an extremely rewarding experience.
Can you cure old ailments?
I can certainly lessen the impact of the ailments irrespective of how long it has bothered a person. Whether or not a complete cure is possible shall depend on the ailment and the patient.
Can you heal a broken heart?
Yes. A broken heart is nothing but depression of having failed in relationship either by betrayal from partner or natural flow of time. It is a situation when one is unable to accept the changes and refuses to move on thinking life is finished. All the broken heart needs is faith and positivity that the next day the sun will shine brighter and everything will be fine. With my healing, not only can I mend one broken heart but can also help you move on with more confidence and heal faster.
Can you heal bitterness in relationships? Re-ignite love and bring back a lover?
Yes. Bitterness comes into a relationship as a natural course. If left unattended in many cases it leads to break up. However with constant healing, the negativity can be cleaned and it can help you and your partner leave the past in the past and move on. With the new found love for one another, both the parties can re-ignite their love for each other again.
How can couples benefit from your healing?
A couples session will help you resolve issues like negativity that has taken over your or your partners heart causing disturbances in your relationship. A healing session will definitely ease out these issues and help you and your partner cross these hurdles together and emerge as a stronger couple.