Healing with Crystals

Discover ways to utilize the power of crystals to bring in excellent
fortune, decrease tension and also benefit your mind, body as well as spirit
In fact, crystal healing has long been practiced in many traditional settings particularly in religious and healing traditions in India and the Far East. In the last century this practice has become more widely established in the west and is now accepted by many as an integral part of many healing traditions.

A Brief History Of Crystal Healing

Ancient cultures from all over the world believed that crystals bestow special properties, ranging from overall health to personal protection. Gemstones are referenced in the religious texts of differing civilizations around the world.

Gurus and mystics have long believed that all living things have a life energy or life force. Various cultures have different names for this life force. In Chinese culture life force is known as ‘chi,’ a term that most of us would be familiar with. Other cultures have different names such as Hawaiian (mana), Hindu (prana), and Hebrew (ruah).

The word crystal derives from ancient Greek, meaning both ice and rock crystal. The ancient Greeks believed that crystals were deep frozen ice and that the crystals had protective/healing properties.

The earliest recorded instance where crystals were used, was in magic formulas created by the Sumerians, an ancient civilization in southern Mesopotamia (now currently the region containing Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Iran and parts of Syria).

As an example, hematite, an iron ore, was associated with Ares, the Greek god of war, and soldiers would rub it on their bodies to aid them in battle. As another example, an amulet made from amethyst was believed to protect the wearer from becoming drunk.

The ancient Egyptians used topaz stones for protection against evil spirits, and jade was prized as a healing stone in both China and South America. In Burma rubies were

inserted into people’s bodies as it was believed to make the wearer invulnerable.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Energy is a force that resonates and radiates throughout everything in the universe.

Without energy nothing could exist and our own bodies are vibrant with this essential life force. Ill-health is, in part, a manifestation of imbalances within the natural energy field that operates around us. Where these imbalances occur it is possible to use different kinds of energy to re-balance them. Hunger can be dissipated with the energy in our food and cancerous tumors can be dissipated by the energy from radiation (radiotherapy). Everything around us also emanates energy and crystals are unique in that the energy that radiates from them is stable and remains constant. Crystals are formed in patterns and structures which can be used to re-balance or re- tune our own energy fields.

While it is important to take professional medical advice if you suffer from any condition, throughout the ages, crystals have been used to heal and to maintain the balance of our own energy field. The raw energy contained in crystals is easy to attune to; it is formed from the same essential patterns that create all life in the universe. In crystal healing specific qualities of different crystal structures are used to tune our own energy fields to their correct frequency. As with radiation (which is just light, after all) crystals can radiate energy that can help us to heal and also provide protection from ill-health.