Aura Definition

Aura is an outline of color and light that surrounds a person’s body. In other words, it is an outer edge color and light around the body of an individual. In the same vein, the aura is the glowing energy surrounding both the living and non-living matters. Everybody and everything has an aura.

Aura or the color outline regularly moves in reaction to the state of mind, life, and health of an individual in terms of colors, intensity of light, and shape (usually oval in shape).

Aura Colors

The aura is depicted by colors. Aura colors reflect and reveal each and every aspect of a person’s life. These colors, however, have different meanings and information. Aura colors can be red, orange, yellow, brown, green, pink, blue, purple, and silver. Meanwhile, these colors have many shades that indicate different meanings.

The human aura has seven layers- etheric layer, emotional layer, mental layer, astral layer, spiritual layer, celestial layer, and casual layer, according to their hierarchy.

Aura Reading

Aura reading is the process of examining the spiritual energy system of an individual as represented by the seven layers of the person’s aura. When an aura reading is going on, the reader, in addition to reading the colors, can also view memory images, symbolic images, spiritual beings, and energies that belong to other people.

Aura reading gives in-depth information about a person concerning their aura colors, the meaning of their aura colors, the definition of their personality, etc. However, aura reading enables a person to recognize and release blocks in their spiritual energy hindering their well-being in the physical realm.

Aura color of life energys

What Aura Reading Reveals

Just like a diary of a person, aura reading is the map of both the body and mind. Below are few of what an aura reading can reveal:

1. The state of your relationships, what is responsible for its success or failure

2. Why you are healthy or sick

3. What is responsible for your happiness or sadness

4. Your fears, habits (both good and bad)

5. Your strengths and weaknesses

6. Your beliefs, goals, disappointments, etc.

How Aura Reading Can Help You

1. It helps to identify the negative energies and know their impact upon your life.

2. It helps to know how to tackle issues like depression, low self-esteem, health challenges, anxiety, fear, self-pity, etc.

3. It provides healing to your life in all ramifications by healing the negative traits that have been well-rooted on your body.

4. You have the ability to repair your body and mind and live a healthier, spiritually richer, and more peaceful life.

Are you experiencing difficulties in your life? Are you passing through hardships and you don’t know why? Do you experience difficulties relating to others? You should have your aura read to find out what is wrong and solutions. However, for best and most unmistakable aura reading for yourself or your family members,to receive an in-depth reading that will guide you on healing the inappropriate aspects of your life.